SERL: A Software Suite for Sample-Efficient Robotic Reinforcement Learning

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SERL provides a set of libraries, env wrappers, and examples to train RL policies for robotic manipulation tasks. The following sections describe how to use SERL. We will illustrate the usage with examples.

🎬: SERL video, additional video on sample efficient RL.

Table of Contents

Major updates

June 24, 2024

For people who use SERL for tasks involving controlling the gripper (e.g.,pick up objects), we strong recommend adding a small penalty to the gripper action change, as it will greatly improves the training speed. For detail, please refer to: PR #65.

Further, we also recommend providing interventions online during training in addition to loading the offline demos. If you have a Franka robot and SpaceMouse, this can be as easy as just touching the SpaceMouse during training.

April 25, 2024

We fixed a major issue in the intervention action frame. See release v0.1.1 Please update your code with the main branch.


  1. Setup Conda Environment: create an environment with
     conda create -n serl python=3.10
  2. Install Jax as follows:
    • For CPU (not recommended):
        pip install --upgrade "jax[cpu]"
    • For GPU:
        pip install --upgrade "jax[cuda12]==0.4.28" -f
    • For TPU
        pip install --upgrade "jax[tpu]" -f
    • See the Jax Github page for more details on installing Jax.
  3. Install the serl_launcher
     cd serl_launcher
     pip install -e .
     pip install -r requirements.txt

Overview and Code Structure

SERL provides a set of common libraries for users to train RL policies for robotic manipulation tasks. The main structure of running the RL experiments involves having an actor node and a learner node, both of which interact with the robot gym environment. Both nodes run asynchronously, with data being sent from the actor to the learner node via the network using agentlace. The learner will periodically synchronize the policy with the actor. This design provides flexibility for parallel training and inference.

Table for code structure

Code Directory Description
serl_launcher Main code for SERL
serl_launcher.agents Agent Policies (e.g. DRQ, SAC, BC)
serl_launcher.wrappers Gym env wrappers Replay buffer and data store Vision related models and utils
franka_sim Franka mujoco simulation gym environment
serl_robot_infra Robot infra for running with real robots
serl_robot_infra.robot_servers Flask server for sending commands to robot via ROS
serl_robot_infra.franka_env Gym env for real franka robot

Quick Start with SERL in Sim

We provide a simulated environment for trying out SERL with a franka robot.

Check out the Quick Start with SERL in Sim

Run with Franka Arm on Real Robot

We provide a step-by-step guide to run RL policies with SERL on the real Franka robot.

Check out the Run with Franka Arm on Real Robot


We welcome contributions to this repository! Fork and submit a PR if you have any improvements to the codebase. Before submitting a PR, please run pre-commit run --all-files to ensure that the codebase is formatted correctly.


If you use this code for your research, please cite our paper:

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